Our Services

  • Let I.T.S. help you grow your business with gas stations that are better than the rest! I.T.S. construction's specialty is the design and general construction of gas stations, convenience stores, and car washes. I.T.S. will also help you work with your desired food partner.

    I.T.S. are capable and have experience working with most major fuel brands, pump types, car washes, and food partners. Ask us about unattended systems and commercial truck fuelling stations!

  • I.T.S. know that before fuel reaches the end-user, it must first be distributed effectively. That is why I.T.S offers a full line of solutions from manual plants to highly automated plants.

    Whether truck, rail, pipeline, or ship is involved - I.T.S. does it all. From building new plants, upgrading existing ones, to preventative maintenance programs, I.T.S. is the right choice for every job!

  • Big tanks, small tanks. Aboveground tanks, underground tanks. I.T.S. does them all. Further, I.T.S. will install any equipment that interface with the tanks. Such as leak detection, inventory gauging, and gas recovery.

    I.T.S. will also help you re-certify any tanks needing retrofit, or remove and remediate around undesired tanks.

  • Whether you run a large fleet of commercial vehicles, or you just want to be able to provide fuel to a small fleet of company vehicles, I.T.S. can help you design and service any type of cardlock and keylock systems to meet your requirements.

  • I.T.S. know that oil will inherently run off sites that handle and sell petroleum. An oil & water separator is an environmentally safe approach to collect this run off, separate the oil from the water, and allow you to discharge clean water. I.T.S. can install, clean, and service oil water separators of all makes and sizes.

  • In the event of a spill, secondary containment systems such as dykes and liners will prevent the environmental impact. Whether you need a new dyke, or you have an existing one that requires an upgrade, I.T.S. is the right choice.

  • I.T.S. are a leader in renewable fuel solutions in Atlantic Canada. Whether you are processing, distributing, or selling renewable fuels, I.T.S. has the expertise you desire. I.T.S. have been building and servicing biodiesel operations in Atlantic Canada since 2000.

  • I.T.S. have been facilitating the loading and unloading of ships for a number of years out of Halifax Harbour. Whether you just need some extra labour, supervision, or a complete loading solution, I.T.S. have the experience, trained personnel, and insurance coverage you desire.

  • Following an undesired leak or spill, I.T.S. offers services that will help you clean-up the product and contaminated soil, thus helping you minimize the environmental impact of a product release. Further, I.T.S understands the time sensitivity of such matters, and commits to prompt and timely service.

  • Whether you are operating a service station or a bulk plant, I.T.S. recognizes that a cost effective maintenance program is the best way to prevent equipment break downs and operational downtime. I.T.S. will work with the customer to design an equipment maintenance program that best suits the customer’s requirements.